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Cyber Intelligence

Have you heard about the dark web? This is where a lot of illegal hacking activities take place. Has any of your confidential business data leaked out already? Are hackers planning to attack your business? Have you unintentionally shared too much information with Google? We provide you high-class reports around threats concerning your business. Reports can be delivered as a one time off or on a regular recurring basis.

Incident Response

In the aftermath of a security incident or breach, clients often need Security experts to carry out an incident response plan and perform Forensic Analysis. We will analyze malware with reverse engineering techniques, examine log files and access patterns to determine the gravity of the incident. We will prepare digital evidence, which is admissible in court and work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and our clients on evidence gathering.

Compliance Consulting

Our experienced consultants will assist our customers step-by-step in achieving their compliance goals. We perform GAP Analysis’ in order to assess the current state of security in regards to regulations and compliance. We can help customers in implementing common compliance and standards such as: ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA, GDPR, SOC1+2, ITAR, just to name a few.


Cyber Security

GigIT has become one of the most advanced and trusted cyber security providers.  The security threat is evolving for all industries and the impact of a modern cyber-attack is often disastrous to an organizations services, reputation and financial health.  We assist our customers in the entire life cycle of building a strategic security plan for their organization by customizing our services to their needs.  Our services span preventative services around penetration testing, compliance, policies, and proper procedures and controls.  GigIT also assists our customers that find themselves the unwitting victim of a cyber-breach.  We can help with the forensics, incident response, or disaster recovery, as well as, remediation and hardening of your organization’s security posture.

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