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Safely and Securely Deployed

Field Services

GigITs global team of engineers, technicians, and installers has the expertise to meet your deployment needs anywhere in the world.

Structured Cabling/Transport

As technology changes, secure, reliable transport is still required to move data from point to point.  Customized design and installation of your structured cabling needs is what we specialize in.

Audio / Visual

Video has changed how we conduct business.  Our expertise can help you design and deploy a customized solution to transform any environment into an audiovisual experience.

Integrated Services

Systems have become more complex and larger in scope.  Our centralized integration services allow us to reduce the risk and cost associated with global deployments.

Global Logistics

Maneuvering the landscape of your business is hard enough.  Allow us to simplify the management of ensuring the right equipment and services reaches the right location and people.

Executive Services

As your company grows, your needs change… But not overnight.  In these cases, GigIT can help with customizing an executive solution in all areas of your business.

Customized to your needs

IT as a Service

IT Department
Managed Services

IT Departments needs change with the business.  As your business grows, so do the requirements placed on your IT resources.  GigIT has customized solutions to help supplement your IT needs and create packages that work with your team to allow you to meet the goals of the company.  


The varied services that IT has to support to ensure the business is running smoothly is sometimes overwhelming.  GigIT can customize a solution to take some of the day to day operational activity workload off of IT and allow it to work on the projects that grow and support the business goals. 

Whether it’s upgrading systems or alerting on outages, GigIT’s expertise in reacting to all types of problems can alleviate the cost and worry of outages and re-mediation of systems.

A big part of making sure a company is secure and running smoothly is how organized is how the data is managed and stored.  Technology can solve a lot of these problems, however, having policies and procedures on how to handle the different types of data and situations is more important.  

GigIT can assist in creation and continuous evaluation of your policy and procedures as your business grows.  Adapting through the security landscape and handling data as your departments grow is a never-ending process that we can help with.

A company is as strong as it’s weakest link.  I’m sure we’ve all heard this before.  However, realizing it and acting on it is key to ensuring the workflow of the business continues efficiently.   GigIT has customized offerings for pen-testing the network and applications, compliance needs, as well as, regular evaluation of security procedures around incident response and handling of malware and virus outbreaks.

The Importance of

Field Services

GigIT Engineers, Designers, Technicians, and Project Managers are ready to assist in providing the solution you are looking for.  When it comes to technology and systems integration our team has experience with a variety of different systems and technologies with the knowledge to customize the design to your project requirements.

  • Surveillance systems installation
  • Retail Technologies including Point of Sale equipment
  • Wireless Access Point installations and wireless systems installation
  • Laser and other line of sight communications systems installation and alignment
  • Distributed Antenna Systems installation
  • Electronic kiosk, digital signage, drive-thru technology services
  • Electronic Virtual Reception Sign-In Systems
  • Conference Room Scheduling Signage Systems
  • IOT – The Internet of Things and everything that is connected to a network
  • UPS/PDU and other back-up electrical systems
  • Custom technology systems that include both high voltage and low voltage systems
  • Preventative Maintenance services